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Big Data Analytics and the Impact of Genomics on the Future of Medicine and Health

Big Data square measure radically ever-changing medicine analysis. The unexampled advances in machine-controlled assortment of large-scale molecular and clinical information cause major challenges to information analysis and interpretation, occupation for the event of latest process approaches. The creation of powerful systems for the effective use of medicine massive information in personalized medication (a.k.a. exactness Medicine) would force vital scientific and technical developments, as well as infrastructure, engineering, project and monetary management. Genomic medication makes an attempt to make personal ways for diagnostic or therapeutic decision-making by utilizing patients' genomic data. Massive information analytics uncovers hidden patterns, unknown correlations, and alternative insights through examining large-scale varied information sets. Whereas integration and manipulation of numerous genomic information and comprehensive electronic health records (EHRs) on a giant information infrastructure exhibit challenges, they conjointly give a possible chance to develop Associate in nursing economical and effective approach to spot clinically unjust genetic variants for personal designation and medical care. During this paper, we tend to review the challenges of manipulating large-scale next-generation sequencing (NGS) information and numerous clinical information derived from the EHRs for genomic medication. Genomic medication has the potential to create genetic designation of sickness additional economical and efficient method, by reducing genetic testing to one analysis, that then informs people throughout life.

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