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Bioactivity Assessment of Ag-HA

Cell culture medium has been used as an alternative to Kokubo’s solution in order to approach in vitro to in vivo bioactivity assessment. Moreover, the production of biomaterials with silver ions (Ag) has shown an antimicrobial effect and these are potential graft materials to prevent or reduce bacterial infection. In the present study, synthesis of hydroxyapatite (HA) and silverdoped hydroxyapatite (Ag-HA) with 0.13 mol% Ag (mol Ca:Ag) were performed and the bioactivity assessment was analyzed by scanning electron microscopy with field emission gun (FEG-SEM). The Ag-HA samples showed discrete bone-like apatite formation, indicating bioactivity behavior after in vitro incubation in McCoy cell culture medium after 7 days. Silver introduction into hydroxyapatite structure showed to be effective to produce a bioceramic with potential antibacterial effect and bioactivity.

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