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Bioavailability of Some Heavy Metals Associated With Municipal Solid Waste Dumpsites in Yenagoa Metropolis, Nigeria

The spatial and seasonal bioavailability of some heavy metals associated with vegetation of Municipal Solid Waste (MSWs) was evaluated in 7 stations, including control. Results on bioaccumulated cadmium were 0.001-0.093 and 0.001-0.083 mg/kg in dry and wet seasons respectively. In the same manner, other bioavailable heavy metals were: Chromium (0.001-0.055 and 0.001-0.032 mg/kg), Copper (0.001-3.991 and 0.001-3.013 mg/kg), Iron (43.97-164.20 and 37.45-117.34 mg/kg), Lead (1.81-5.51 and 0.001-5.07 mg/kg), and Nickel ranging from 0.001-0.38 and 0.001-0.168 mg/kg in dry and wet seasons respectively. While values of the control station were relatively lower in both season, the order of bioavailable heavy metals was; Iron>Copper>Lead>Chromium>Nickel. The results indicated that the dumpsites have a trace amount of leachable heavy metals due to anthropogenic activities associated with MSWs.

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