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Journal of Medical Toxicology Research.

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Editorial Board

Director, Medicinal Chemistry & Pharmacology, University of Houston, USA  

Contact Ke-He Ruan

Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology, Center for Biotechnology-College of Science and Technology, Italy

Contact Giulio Tarro

Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, United Kingdom

Contact Wayne Grant Carter

Senior Lecturer in Head & Neck Cancer Barts, The London School of Medicine & Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London.

Contact Muy-Teck TEH

Ph.D, Center of Medical Physics and Technology, China  

Contact Wulin Yang

Department and Drug Safety/Pharmacogenetics Unit, Marmara University, Turkey



Faculty of Pharmacy, Ankara University, Turkey

Contact Yalçın Duydu

Professor, University of North Texas Health Science Center, USA    

Contact Katalin Prokai (-Tatrai), PhD

Professor of Pharmacology, Camilo José Cela University, Spain

Contact Francisco Lopez-Munoz

Associate Professor, Anadolu University, Turkey    

Contact Asiye MERİÇ

Assistant Professor,

Department of Genome-based Drug Discovery,

Nagasaki University,



Contact Asai Masashi

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