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Bioinformatics in Cancer Research: An Overview

Bioinformatics is a new science that’s glowing call at the recent years. It is a multidisciplinary science that’s made out of various sorts of other scientific fields like biology, computing, chemistry, statistics, mathematics etc. It was an enormous challenge for researchers to explain this new field during a systematic scientific way and convey out the eye of its applications and services; one among these important services that Bioinformatics are often applied in, is that the cancer studies, research and therapies for several beneficial reasons. This paper will provide a clear glance overview of bioinformatics, its definition, aims, applications, technologies, the massive amount of knowledge produced within the biological field and the way bioinformatics can organize, analyze and store them, discuss some algorithms which will be implemented over bioinformatics data, and the way to use bioinformatics to get and diagnose diseases like cancer. 

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