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Biosynthesis of Drugs through Synthetic Biology: From the Assembly of a Synthetic Genome to the Purification of the Drug

Today, bacteria are programmed to produce metabolites, proteins, biofuels, biomaterials, pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, and medicines, thanks to innovative research in synthetic biology. Where a tool called minimal genome can play an important role in the design, construction and assembly of fully synthetic genomes, which do not exist in nature, which once introduced into a previously treated biological system 'host cell' (example: bacteria and / or yeast) result in a synthetic organism, which also does not exist in nature, conceived in the computer, where it is simulated from the interaction and expression of its genes, the optimization of some product of interest, growth rate and others so many physiological and phenotypic characteristics that do not follow the traditional method of genetic engineering and the engineering of metabolic pathways, based on trial and error.

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