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Biotech/pharma companies will be healthcare solution providers

Pharma companies will focus on newer approach such as technology to effectively develop products and make products appealing more to providers and payers, end users. The way forward will mean selling a total experience, not just a product. To realize total experience, drug-mobile-database digital therapeutics (DTx) as the solutions for the affected stakeholders and users.

Digital therapeutics (DTx) come in varieties and utilize, each may offer different strategies, meaningful incentives particularly smartphones and wearables, products include game-play elements to treat mental- and behavioral issues, helped improve motivation, engagement, and outcomes in treating arthritis, diabetes, back pain, obesity, and mental health problems (e.g. anxiety, depression), neurological disorders(e.g. dementia, Alzheimer’s disease), hypertension, obesity, substance abuse or congestive heart failure. Digital Therapeutics (DTx) care- drug plus digital service, and data collection- sharing, real-world evidence via data platform becomes more useful and realistic nowadays.

Digital Therapeutic (DTx) carrying claims to improve the clinical outcomes of diseases. Evidence of positive clinical outcomes from digital therapeutics is another strong incentive that drives uptake and adherence to a therapeutic program, not only improved outcomes but also either alone or in conjunction with conventional protocols consistent supply of real-world data on product and patient outcomes to support whole-system value propositions, this approach might solve the barriers of all affected stakeholders to access, identify, track and reward outcomes. In the meantime electronic record data updated and uploaded can be helpful for affected stakeholders such as physicians and payers/insurance companies for considering effective treatment schemes and future payment approaches and methods, most of all the data collection from this approach could be part of the real-world data.

In the near future, biotech/ pharma companies may rely heavenly on digital therapeutics available to realize around the pill solution to streamline the process of data collection available to better assess both clinical and patient-reported outcomes, providing better solutions for affected stakeholders.

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