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Blood Cancer Pain and Symptoms

Patients with blood-related malignancies experience a significant symptom burden, which includes a variety of pain syndromes brought on by various pathogenic pathways and causes. Therefore, a complex clinical scenario involving pain may be seen in this situation. In fact, there are many other clinical diseases that can induce pain, including the disease itself, its consequences, iatrogenic causes, and unrelated clinical conditions. The treatment strategy, which should be based on a multidisciplinary management and necessitate the integration of etiology-targeted interventions and painkilling drugs, may be guided by a close diagnostic procedure for the assessment of the underlying causes of the pain and of its pathogenic mechanisms. Most patients with BRC on pain can achieve sufficient pain control using oral medications according to the World Health Organization's three-step analgesic ladder, but many difficult-to-treat pain syndromes that are frequently encountered in this context may require more complicated therapies.

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