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Breast cancer Risk Factors and Preventions

The second most common malignancy among women is breast cancer. The formation of breast cancer is a multi-step process involving various cell types, and its prevention remains tough in the world. One of the best ways to avoid breast cancer is by early diagnosis. Due to early detection, the 5-year relative survival rate for patients with breast cancer is above 80% in several developed nations. Both the understanding of breast cancer and the creation of prevention measures have advanced significantly in the last ten years. By identifying breast cancer stem cells, the etiology and processes underlying tumor drug resistance are disclosed, and numerous breast cancer-related genes are discovered. For the chemoprevention of breast cancer, people now have additional pharmacological alternatives, and biological prevention has recently been created to enhance patients' quality of life. We will cover the most important studies on breast cancer's pathophysiology, associated genes, risk factors, and preventative measures that have been conducted in recent years. These results are a modest advancement in the protracted battle against breast cancer.

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