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Carbon Dots: Zero Dimensional Fluorescent Material

Luminescence and fluorescence phenomena have very interesting concepts in nanotechnology. Luminescent materials have very diverse and unique properties, which attract so many scientists to do the research in this field to implement in different sectors. After the discovery year in the research of carbon dots in 2004, the immense study of carbon dots was invented, which included different fluorescent properties of carbon dots. It has various and valuable properties like water solubility, stable fluorescent property, exceptional photostability, high sensitivity with low toxicity, which can be applied in various disciplines of research areas. Many synthesis methods of carbon dots have been reported, therein hydrothermal technology is a simple and accurate method to synthesis very fined C-dots. There are many conventional research methods, which defined the fluorescent study of C-dots by using different precursors in the synthesis process. This article represents the different properties and synthesis of conventional methods of CDs. Even it describes the various important applications of CDs in different sectors. It also conveys the brief information of CDs as a fluorescent material and its various applications through some literature survey.

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