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Case Report on Mandibular Second Molar with Two Mesial Roots

An instance of irregular root morphology is introduced to show anatomic varieties in mandibular second molars. The most widely recognized arrangement of mandibular second molar is to have two roots with three root waterways; anyway mandibular molars may have a wide range of blends. Endodontic treatment was acted in a mandibular second molar with 3 separate roots 2 found mesially and one distally. Radiographically each of the 3 root channels ended with individual foramina. Three openings or 3 autonomous waterways were found in the 3 separate roots, demonstrating an uncommon anatomic design. Searching for extra roots, trenches and strange morphology is a significant piece of effective endodontics as the information on their reality at times empower clinicians to treat a case that in any case may have finished in disappointment.

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