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Case Report: Splenectomy Due to Splenic Rupture after Caesarian Section

Background: Splenic rupture with high maternal mortality is an exceedingly rare complication after pregnancy. Unfortunately, the diagnosis is often missed because of different diagnoses such as uterine rupture and abruption of placentae. Hereon we present a case of splenic rupture that manifested post caesarian section and she was treated with laparotomy and Splenectomy
Case: A 33 years old, gravida3, para 2, woman presented at 38 weeks of gestational age and gestational hypertension to Chabahar general hospital ,the patient was planned to do emergency caesarian section due to repeat caesarian section , 3 days after surgery, she was referred with dyspnea and oliguria .The patient was transferred to Imam Ali Hospital of Zahedan city for diagnosis and treatment because of low HB and oliguria , the patient underwent re-laparotomy and acute spleen rupture was suspected ,surgery intervention performed Splenectomy .She had an uneventful recovery and was discharged 7days after Splenectomy
Conclusion: Splenic rupture in pregnancy is a life-threatening complication. Early diagnosis and surgical intervention will allow for optimal maternal and perinatal outcome.

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