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Cervical Spine Chordoma With Retropharyngeal Extension: Cases Report

Background: Chordomas are malignant tumors arising from notochordal remnants and are typically locally aggressive tumors with a high propensity for local recurrence.

Method: We report an extremely rare case of cervical spine chordoma presenting with neurological deficit and retropharyngeal extension in order to assess the clinical presentation and treatment.

Results: We describe a case of 82-year-old man treated simultaneously by a precarotid approach for a retropharyngeal extension of cervical chordoma. He was referred to our institution with cervical pain, and weakness of the four limbs for 3 months, without dysphagia or dysphonia. The preoperative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed a lesion of C5-C6- with epidural space and retropharyngeal involvement. After total resection, the cervical spine was stabilized with an anterior reconstruction and plating, with good improvement.

Conclusion: Among primary malignant tumors of bone, chordomas account for 3-4% of all cases. Chordoma is typically a locally aggressive tumor with a high propensity for local recurrence. Its management involves surgery, radiotherapy, or both. Increased awareness of this neoplasm may lead to earlier diagnosis and better treatment.

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