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Characterization of Wool Fabric Surface in Terms of Transient Heat Transfer

A precise, simple method for characterizing wool fabric surfaces and moisture absorption has practical value in fabric design. Transient heat transfer has attracted attention because it is strongly related to the fabric surface and moisture absorption. To evaluate transient heat transfer for characterizing wool fabric surfaces, the Kawabata Evaluation System for Fabrics (KES-F) was used to measure the maximum heat flux, qmax, and surface properties of wool fabrics. The effect of moisture regain on qmax measured at two ambient humidities (65% and 90% relative humidity) was also discussed. A rough surface and a large amount of fuzz decreased qmax. A high correlation (r2=0.858) between qmax at 65% and 90% relative humidity was found. Therefore, qmax is suitable for characterizing the difference in the surface roughness, surface fuzz, and moisture content of wool fabric.

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