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Cisplatin Based Chemotherapy for Non Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer: Synchronous Gall Bladder Cancer Takes Care of the Other Bladder

Carcinoma urinary bladder and gall bladder are both lethal cancers with increasing incidence in Northern India. This is the first case of simultaneous occurrence of carcinoma urinary bladder and carcinoma gall bladder in an individual. A 63-year-old lady was diagnosed with carcinoma gall bladder and a polypoidal urinary bladder mass. She was managed with radical cholecystectomy and adjuvant platinum-based chemotherapy for gall bladder cancer. A transurethral resection of the bladder tumor was done followed by intravesical BCG for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. The patient was managed according to standard guidelines, however, an alternative approach of avoidance of intravesical BCG could have been followed as systemic gemcitabine and cisplatin has shown to be therapeutic for high-grade bladder urothelial carcinoma. This case highlights the therapeutic effect of gemcitabine and platinumbased chemotherapy in both cancers with an aim of defining the optimal treatment strategy in such scenarios.

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