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Clinical ayurveda: Case studies of renal failure and ulcerative colitis

Introduction: Modern Ayurvedic practitioners are using traditional Ayurvedic herbal formulations and treatments to address nearly all health conditions. Ayurveda has been in continuous practice for around 5,000 years since its development in the South Asian region. Today, we see cases such as the following which prove the value of modern clinical Ayurvedic practice.

Case 1: During summer of 2017, Maria began treatment for renal failure at 20% kidney function, kidney stones, diabetes, obesity and high cholesterol. She was taking medications and scheduled to begin dialysis treatment within 6 months. As treatment we utilized herbal formulas to cleanse accumulated toxins, restore kidney and urinary function, improve liver and gallbladder function, and to restore her pancreatic function. These herbal medicines were given along with specific, controlled dietary and lifestyle recommendations. In one year, Maria was off of the list for dialysis, her kidney function had significantly improved, and kidney stones had drastically reduced in quantity and size. She was able to lose 90 pounds, and with her medical doctor eventually stopped taking all allopathic medications, when they were no longer necessary.

Case 2: Further, Dr. Zaidi is a medical doctor of over 40 years’ experience, who was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis about 10 months prior to beginning Ayurvedic treatment. As treatment I provided herbal formulas to reduce the inflammation of the colon, and to coat the intestinal lining. These herbs, along with a very strict diet, stopped his diarrhea within three days, and over the next eight weeks his bloody stool, gas and bloating were entirely resolved.

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