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Clinical Outcome of Reconstruction of Lacrimal Canalicular Laceration with Monocanalicular Intubation System

Aim: To evaluate the clinical outcome of lacrimal canalicular laceration repair with self-retaining monocanalicular intubation system.

Materials and methods: All patients who underwent canalicular laceration repair with monocanalicular intubation system from 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2017 at a tertiary eye care center were retrospectively analyzed. Demographics, operative details and clinical outcomes were noted. Anatomical and functional successes were defined by a patent nasolacrimal duct on lacrimal sac syringing and absence of epiphora respectively.

Results: Out of 26 patients, 20 (76.92%) were males. The mean age at presentation was 27.15 years (range, 1 to 60 years). Lower canalicular injuries occurred in 19 cases (73.06%) and upper canalicular injuries occurred in 5 cases (19.23%), 2 cases involved both upper and lower canaliculi. Fall injuries and the hook-like objects comprised the major etiologies for the canalicular lacerations (14/26 cases, 53.84%). The mean duration of injury to repair was 49.58 ± 93.61 hours (range, 4 hours to 20 days) and mean duration for stent removal after surgery was 4.69 months (range, 2 months to 6 months). Three cases (11.53%) had stent migration. Punctual slit and wound gaping occurred in 1 case each. Anatomical success was achieved in 18 (85.71%) and functional success was achieved in 22 cases (84.61%).

Conclusion: Canalicular injuries are more common in young male patients, mostly secondary to fall injuries and hook-like objects. Clinical outcomes of monocanalicular intubation in canalicular lacerations are excellent irrespective of the delay in presentation without significant complications.

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