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Clinical Study and Analysis of 700 Cases of Pneumonia in Children

Introduction: Pneumonia is a common acute disease of the respiratory tract in childhood. In this paper, 700 cases of pneumonia in Changan Hospital of Xi’an city [1-3] were summarized. All seasons are easy to occur, especially in winter and spring. It is easy to recurrent attacks affect the growth and development of children, if the treatment is not complete. The clinical data of the children are reported as follows:

Background: From January 2016 to December 2016, 700 cases of children pneumonia in Changan hospital in Xi’an were investigated in 1 pairs of 1 [4]. Among the 700 children, 437 were boys and 263 were women; 252 cases aged <1 were took up 36%, 287 cases between the age of 1 and 2 were made up 41%, and 161 cases aged >2 were occupied 23%.

Accessory Examination: In 700 cases of chest radiography´╝î23 cases of lobar pneumonia accounted for 3.28% of the total. 87 cases of double pulmonary bronchitis were 12.42%, 488 cases of bronchitis were 69.71%, 11 cases of interstitial pneumonia were 15.71%,and 4 cases of lobule in chest.198 cases of WBC ≥ 10 were 28.28%, 76 cases of neutrophils ≥ 70 were 10.86%,402cases of lymphoid ≥ 40 were 57.43%, 267 cases of mononuclear ≥ 10 were 38.14%.196 cases of syncytial virus positive were took up 28%,4 cases of adenovirus positive were made up 0.57%, 3 cases of influenza virus positive were occupied 0.43% [5-7].

Complication: 2 cases of combined respiratory failure accounted for 0.28%,13 cases of combined enteritis were 1.85%,8 cases of combined myocardial injury were 1.14%, 1 case of combined heart failure were 0.14%,1 case of combined Anemia were 0.14%,2 cases of combined laryngitis were 0.28%.

Treatment: 368 cases of the second generation cephalosporin’s +antivirus were 52.57%,183 cases of the third generation cephalosporin’s + antivirus were 26.14%,129 cases of Cephalosporin +Archie were 18.43%, 20 cases of Penicillin + antiviral were 2.85%,23 cases of >14 days of treatment were 3.28%,72 cases of 7-10 days of treatment were 10.28%,545 cases of 5-7 days of treatment were 77.86%, 60 cases of <5 days of treatment were 8.57%.

Result: Treatment, Infantile pneumonia is the main anti infection and treat the complications. At the time of anti-infection, a wide range of antimicrobial spectrum, less drug resistant bacteria, and low toxicity of liver and kidney are used, combined use of two kinds of broad-spectrum antibiotics, Such as cephalosporin’s, macrolides,and antiviral drugs, and give oxygen therapy, nutritional support, Correcting the acid-base balance and electrolyte disturbance in some children, actively dealing with the complications and avoiding heart failure.

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