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Colored Apparel - Relevance to Attraction in Humans

There are numerous different dyes available, many varied fashion trends, and various different ways to change/enhance physical aesthetics. Predicting color preferences and how colors and color combinations, in a shape context, stimulate certain emotions, represents a challenging prospect. Color is a critical cue for sexual signaling, but what the preferred colors actually are in humans, is difficult to predict. Understanding color preferences and perception of color within a context such as attraction, is essential for improving color forecasting and gaining a deeper understanding of color perception. The appearance of color can change based on lighting, shape, texture, and the surrounding environment and associated colors. While these provide physical color characteristics, human vision and perception contributes to how a color appears to the individual. Perception is unique to each individual and is constantly changing due to the influence of a range of variables. This can cause someone to appear visually attractive or visually unattractive. By taking into account all the variables that contribute to human studies in color perception, tailored research can continue to be undertaken to further develop a deeper understanding of color perception and human attraction regarding visual stimulation.

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