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Comparative Study of a Drug Release from a Textile to Skin

Comparative Study of a Drug Release from a Textile to Skin


The achievement of a therapeutic dose of the hydrocortisone acetate (HCr) for coetaneous affections by using: i) a cyclodextrine derivative and ii) a hydrogel, in the systems fixing the drug on a textile material and then releases it in vitro towards the dermis under the action of a perspiration kit.


The formation of a temporary deposit of HCr on a cotton knitted fabric in the variants: 1) covalent grafting with monochloro triazinyl-beta-cyclodextrine (MCT-β-CD) by complexation in the hydrophobic cavity of the CD; 2) through the inclusion of Na2SO4 in ionic crosslinked chitosan-based hydrogel. Upon the release of HCr in vitro, a perspiration kit has been used.


The two medicine release systems can release the therapeutic dose for coetaneous disorders.


The comparison of the two systems improves the understanding of the release mechanisms which may provide useful insights when designing medical textiles.

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