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Comparative study of the Etiologies, Prevalence, management of Indian vs. Western countries in adrenal insufficiency

The clinical presentation and etiologies of adrenal insufficiency may differ in India than in western countries. Adrenal insufficiency
presents with a clinical presentation of chronic mineralocorticoid or glucocorticoid deficiency due to failure of adrenal cortex. Failures
of adrenal cortex have different etiologies across different borders. India as a socioeconomic country still has developing nature so is the
problem with diseases they are still developing, India still has a wide prevalence of various infectious diseases (bacterial or viral) and is also
a common cause of adrenal insufficiency most common been ( tuberculosis) on contrary to western countries autoimmunity still is the
common cause of adrenal insufficiency. Adrenal insufficiency is a well-known life threatening condition. The 2 year mortality in primary
adrenal insufficiency exceeds 80% and there is 2 fold increase in standardized mortality ratio due to cardiovascular or infectious diseases
in patients with adrenal insufficiency. As there are no exact known risk factors patient education remains the main strategy for prevention
of complications. We will do a comparative study on prevalence, etiologies, management in Indian subcontinent vs. western countries.

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