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Comparison of Antibacterial Activities of Bark Ash with Different Solvent Extracts of Bark of the Plant Ficus religiosa Linn against Staphylococcus Aureus & Escherichia Coli

Traditional medicine in Nepal has strong cultural and religious background. It exists in different ways like ethnic and tribal group, ritual or ceremonial practices, spiritual practices, diet or self-healing practices. The medicinal plant Ficus religiosa (Linn) belongs to the family Moraceae, which is one of the most popular members of genus Ficus, and usually identified as Peepal. Till today use of this plant as a traditional healer is seen in majorities of the rural people for their primary health problems. As various literatures suggest about the usefulness of bark as a popular folk medication especially for cuts and wounds in rural areas of Nepal. Here the work is aimed to compare the antibacterial activities of bark ash with respect to various solvent extracts of bark of this plant against two strains of bacteria i.e. Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli against standard drug gentamycin. Result suggested that antimicrobial activity of bark ash (product D & E) are more active than that of those three solvent extracts in terms of exhibiting antibacterial activities as they showed higher zone of inhibition in respect to all other extracts. The common thing found in each sample is that all the products (A to E) are significantly active against E.coli than S. aureus.

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