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Comparison of the Hypoproteinemic Capacities of Erythropoietin and U-74389G

Aim: This study compared the hypoproteinemic effects of erythropoietin (Epo) and antioxidant drug U-74389G based on 2 preliminary studies. The provided results at serum total protein (TP) levels decline were co-evaluated in a hypoxia reoxygenation protocol of an animal model.

Materials and methods: TP levels were evaluated at the 60th reoxygenation min (for groups A, C and E) and at the 120th reoxygenation min (for groups B, D and F) in 60 rats. Groups A and B received no drugs, rats from groups C and D were administered with Epo; whereas rats from groups E and F were administered with U-74389G.

Results: The first preliminary study recommended a hypoproteinemic effect of Epo (p-value=0.4430). The second preliminary study proved the hypoproteinemic effect of U-74389G (p-value=0.0005). These 2 studies were co-evaluated since they came from the same experimental setting. The outcome of the co-evaluation was that U-74389G has at least 4-fold hypoproteinemic action than Epo (p-value=0.0000).

Conclusions: The neurologist must take into consideration the powerful hypoproteinemic effect of the 2 drugs; mainly that of U-74389G whether implicated in neurological diseases.

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