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Complex Training: An Update

The term ‘complex training’ refers to a training mode which combines one set of strength training with a comparable set of plyometric exercises in same training session and is believed to enhance the quality of the plyometric training stimulus. This idea of combining biomechanically similar exercises is proposed to be a favourable strategy for improving rate of force development and dynamic power by better neuromuscular control. High-intensity resistance training creates an optimal training state for the subsequent plyometric bout by means of neuromuscular, hormonal, metabolic, myogenic, and psychomotor factors that allow it to serve as a strategy for continued neural adaptations. This review aims to present the current body of knowledge regarding the effects of complex training, discussing in brief, its mechanism, the various training variables that might act to confound its efficacy and finally, its comparison with other popular modes of training. In conclusion, complex training appears to be a safe and effective mode yielding gains of both strength and power training in the same session, however, further research is warranted to better understand the operating physiological mechanisms and to derive more concrete results regarding the most optimal training variables.

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