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Complications in the Childbirth of Infusions of Medicinal Plants in Women Who Come to the San Luis De Otavalo Hospital 2016

In recent times there is great interest in the use of natural medicine, due to its effectiveness in some fields, nevertheless the potential risk due to excessive use or ignorance of the subject. The objective of this research is to identify the possible complications in childbirth caused by ingestion of infusions of medicinal plants consumed. It is a quantitative non-experimental descriptive and cross-sectional study, a previous informed consent survey was applied to 74 women who presented complications in labor and were attended in gynecology in the year 2016. The obtained information was tabulated in Microsoft Excel database, obtaining the following results: the age of the women investigated oscillates between the 19 to 35 years, 32% have incomplete secondary school, were identified as indigenous, only 3% went to the midwife to control pregnancy, 73% of women who presented complications at delivery took tea herbal infusions, 22% did relaxing baths with plants, and one 5% cataplasms were applied. The percentage of women presenting with complications at birth consumed between one to two glasses of herbal infusions per day. Pregnant women in labor had complications very related to the toxicological effects of the consumption of chamomile and cinnamon, taking into account that Roman and German chamomile can cause a miscarriage.

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