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Complications Related to Radial Artery Cannulation from 2004 to 2013

Complications Related to Radial Artery Cannulation from 2004 to 2013

Radial artery cannulation facilitates the monitoring of arterial pressure, enables the introduction of gas-sampling lines, and provides routes for cardiac diagnostic and interventional catheterization. However, detailed information is needed to prevent complications associated with radial arterial cannulations.Through an extensive literature search for case reports in PubMed and other databases from 2004 to 2013, 27 cases (from 24 articles) of complications related to radial artery cannulation for pressure monitoring and cardiac catheterization were identified. These cases included 7 cases of pseudoaneurysms, 6 cases of hand or finger ischemia, 5 cases of foreign bodies, 1 case of spasm, 2 cases of arteriovenous fistula, and 6 cases of perforation. In 13 cases, surgical intervention was required and completed successfully. Most cases of pseudoaneurysms and ischemia were associated with co-existing diseases, such as ischemic heart disease with an assumption of atherosclerosis. Radial artery perforations were successfully treated with catheter interventions.

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