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Computational Analysis of the Design and Experimental Application of the Migration and Durability Testing Device for Oesophageal Stent

An oesophageal stent durability/migration testing device was developed based on the mathematical analysis of durability mechanism of an oesophageal stent and oesophageal motility, in which the oesophageal stent was assumed to be under simulated in vivo pre compression load, in vivo creep load and internal environment. Hardware and software simulating an oesophageal tube movement was developed, which consists of six sensors, an Arduino MEGA and LabVIEW LIFO interface. Accurate detection of stent migration in an oesophageal model using camera image
processing analysis and Flexi force Pressure Sensor (FPS) combine was done. The control board for the real time monitoring of non-vascular oesophageal stents used Arduino MEGA2560. LabVIEW was used to monitor in real time the FPS and bend sensor,camera image processing on the stent durability/migration testing device. The testing results can verify the design of stent’s fatigue life and to ensure the records for the optimization of oesophagus stent design, this can ensure the trustworthiness of oesophagus stent implantation in vivo. This device could further evaluate the effectivity for all type of stents on non-vascular applications and also to test experimental materials on stents. Also, the said device can be modified and applied to test the migration and fatigue life of other GI stents.

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