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Control of Greenhouse Climatic Condition Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Control of Greenhouse Climatic Condition Using Wireless Sensor Networks

Greenhouses provide a good environment for the growth of the plants. The use of greenhouses with controlled microclimate according to the plants need is an important way to increase the plant production. Cabling techniques which used to measure the climatic condition in a greenhouse needs many wires and power sources which makes the system expensive and vulnerable to failure. In order to overcome the drawbacks of cabling techniques, smart sensing nodes with wireless capability is used to efficiently monitor the climatic condition in a greenhouse. The data from the sensor nodes are sent to a wireless gateway connected to a computer that is used provide commands to operate the relays for maintaining the necessary temperature in accordance to the crop. The system proposed in this paper collects data such as temperature, relative humidity, light intensity and soil moisture, as these parameters are important for the plant growth. The factors that are controlled are ventilation fan, light and water sprinkler. The main advantage of the proposed approach in comparison with the previous work is the reduction in the use of wires and the system is implemented using low power wireless components which are easier to install.

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