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Correlation of Ki67 Expression with Cyclin D1 Grading in Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of Breast and It's Relationship with other Biomarkers

Introduction: Recent advancement in biomarkers and immunohistochemical markers with their response to chemotherapy, survival in breast carcinoma has increased significantly. With progression of new gene expression profiling technique, it has been evaluated that in comparison to traditional markers, molecular markers have important role.

Aims & objectives: The primary aim was to find out the correlation of Ki67 expression with Cyclin D1 grading in Invasive ductal carcinoma. The study will also examine the correlation with other variables like Estrogen Progesterone receptor status, Her2Neu status as secondary outcome measure.

Materials & Methods: The 57 cases with suspected breast carcinoma later proved to be intraductal carcinoma has been included in this study over a period of 18 months. Cyclin D1 expression was calculated semiquantitatively on the basis of positive nuclear staining fraction of tumour cells and their intensity Ki67 expression. It is expected that the IHC (Immunohistochemistry) markers especially the Expression of Cyclin D1 will be significantly correlated with different molecular
subtypes of invasive ductal carcinoma and Ki67 index. The data analysed by SPSS version 25.0.

Results: In this study 43(75.4%) patients had High Ki-67 Status and 14 (24.6%) patient had Low Ki-67 Status. High Ki 67 expression has been found more commonly in ER positive, PR negative, Her2Neu positive cases and in Cyclin D1 grade 4. Ki67 expression has been found to be significantly correlated in
ER positive & negative, PR positive & negative and Her2Neu positive groups. The correlation with Ki67 expression and Estrogen receptor status, Progesterone receptor status, Her2Neu status and Cyclin D1 Grading has been found statistically significant in chi square test.

Conclusion: There are only few studies on this subject in the Indian population. A longitudinal study involving more samples involving other biomarkers is the call for the day to extrapolate the present findings.

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