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COVID-19 and Black Fungus: What Is Mucormycosis?

Mucormycosis, colloquially known as black fungus, is an infection from the mucormycetes group of fungi. It is abundantly found in natural environments, especially in soil. Though rare, this infection has been around for decades, but only impacts those with health conditions and significantly weakened immune systems because of the use of steroids. The rising cases of mucormycosis in Covid-19 patients are prevalent largely because of the increased use of steroids like dexamethasone, especially among diabetics. Not everyone is predisposed to the black fungus disease, but unchecked and unsupervised use of steroid therapies can often make matters worse even for non-risk patients.

Many people sick from COVID-19 have these days been afflicted by black flora or mucormycosis sickness. The flora invades the sinus and makes its method into the intraorbital and intracranial regions. If its progression isn't checked early, 50-80% of patients might die. Both authors are plant biologists curious about fungi. After we 1st detected of mucormycosis someday last year, from reports from Europe, it rang a bell. People expertise fungi most frequently in their kitchens, once fruits rot or the bread turns musty. Fungi evolved four hundred million years a gone and play a crucial role on Earth. They need helped plants move from their aquatic habitats to land, and still facilitate them acquire minerals from the soil. Fungi decompose organic litter and recycle the nutrients bolted up within the leaves and wood. Some of them have additionally evolved to become plant pathogens: they infect plants, multiply and disperse to different plants, deed destruction in their wake.

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