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Critical study of relation between asamyaka mala and Smriti

Human body consists of three basic components they are Dosha, Dhatu and Mala. Each of these constituent plays different role in the body. Out of these three parts ‘Mala’ can be defines as ‘Malinikarnat Mala’, the entity which develops impurities in body. These ‘Mala’ are three in number; they are like ‘Purisha, Mutra and Sweda’. Out of these ‘Purisha’ (solid waste/stool) has vital role in body mechanism. Ancient Sages also stated that Mana (Mind) is a part of human body. This Mana does three functions Dhee (grasp), Dhriti (Understanding) Smriti (Presentation). For healthy being it is necessary that these three functions perform well. It is observed that the person suffering from Asamyaka Mala (Improper formation of stool) leads to various types of diseases especially it does impact on functions of Mana, like Vaichitya - Dhee hani, Smriti nash (loss of memory). It is also observed that Pitta Dosha and Purisha had relation and Pitta do play important role in Smriti. This Smritinash many times leads to formation of serious psychosomatic conditions in body which ultimately end up into untreatable condition.

Therefore in this paper an attempt is made to understand relation between Asamyaka Mala and its impact on Smriti. It’s association between healthy and unhealthy stage of life. This is a literature study.


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