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Cultural Humility in Healthcare: Finding Cultural Humility in Ourselves

As we globally continue to face diversity in race, ethnicity, culture, and religion, as healthcare professionals, we also continue to be challenged by our own unchecked biases and stereotypes when working with diverse populations of clients and colleagues.  It is critical for healthcare professionals to understand and practice ‘cultural humility’ in order to better serve our ever-growing diverse populations of clients and also our professional peers.  In this workshop, the concept of ‘cultural humility’ is introduced in comparison to and in contrast with ‘cultural competence’.  Participants will also be invited to practice and embody this humility by utilizing interactive exercises.  These exercises are designed to provide both a tool and practice ground for participants to connect theory with behavior and ideas with action-oriented processes.  This workshop will be both movement-based and highly informative.  


Kumi is a licensed occupational therapist, a creative arts therapist and a consultant. She has worked in hospitals and dementia care facilities both in Japan and the United States for many years.  She has provided socio-emotional support and rehabilitation to those living with mental/cognitive challenges due to dementia, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and so on, through therapeutic and creative modalities.  As a consultant, Kumi has also supported family members of people living with dementia and organizations in implementing and integrating cultural humility and creative arts into their systems and standard of care practices.


54th World Congress on Nursing and Health Care, May 13-14, 2020.

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Kumi Oya, Cultural Humility in Healthcare: Finding Cultural Humility in Ourselves, World Nursing Congress 2020, 54th World Congress on Nursing and Health Care, May 13-14, 2020

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