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Data Warehouse System in Shell Corporation Oil and Gas Upstream Market

The paper seeks to provide a broad analysis and deep evaluation of the present and future profitability, availability and financial stability of the oil and gas upstream market with regards to how they are managed using the data ware house system as supported by the senior system analyst in Shell Corporation, in order to improve the performance of the company’s proceedings. This document explains the stakeholder’s analysis and the company’s scope statement such as requirements, characteristics and deliverables of the project. Several assumptions were made on the project cost and benefits in regards to the data warehouse system and its benefits estimate per annum. Other calculations included equipment bought, training of staffs, as well as loses in regards to hours and sales. The result of the analysed data show that, all cost was below the company’s average income especially for the fact that comparative market performance is poor in the areas of quantity, cost and benefits. Furthermore, the company’s prospect in its present position is weak in regards to the upstream market and an improvement may be realised by the introduction of the data warehouse system, creating a training program for staffs to enable easy incorporation of the data warehouse system, and reconstructing the entire forecast potential growth of Shell Corporation.

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