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Delivering Targeted Drugs to Treat Blood Cancers

A sort of liquid tumor, or cancer that exists in bodily fluids, is a blood cancer. Leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma are the three most prevalent kinds of blood malignancies. Chemotherapy, which involves systemic delivery of anticancer drugs into the blood, is the main treatment for blood malignancies. The low effectiveness of the anticancer medicines that build up in the tumor site, however, frequently results in a high incidence of relapse, which lowers patient survival rates. This suggests that a targeted drug delivery method is urgently required to increase the security and effectiveness of therapies for blood malignancies. In this review, we discuss freshly investigated and authorized blood cancer medication delivery system formulations as well as the current targeted techniques for these diseases. We also talk about the difficulties that currently exist when using drug delivery devices to treat blood malignancies.

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