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Dental Self Treatment

I conclude that many, if not most, dental problems can be prevented by periodic dental/gum massage with triple antibiotic ointment, steroid ointment, and stannous fluoride supplements.  Also suggested was twice weekly saltwater mouth rinsing, which should reduce the bacterial causes of all dental problems.  This is especially true for those over 40 years old when "aging" begins to weaken bone-teeth-gum togetherness such that bacteria begin to do their damage.  Dentists will have reasons not to do this because they are a "find expensive work to do" pseudo-profession.  They will find reasons to do root canals on every one of your teeth.  Prevention?  Forget about it for dentists. My patented toothpaste with antibiotics, steroids, stannous fluoride supplements with prevent and treat many non-cosmetic dental problems.

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