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Designing of Textile patterns using Diversification of L-Systems

The foundation of this work is based on the fundamental principles of L-systems. L-systems are parallel rewriting systems that are widely used in graphic design, pattern design, fashion design, and textile industries since they generate graphics that are usually clear in lines, sophisticated and elegant. This article firstly describes generation and implementation methods of L-systems, doing research on various graphics generated by it. Since the number of the graphics that are generated by the fundamental principles are limited, this paper focuses on progressive diversification of LSystem rules through various operations like context alteration and successor alteration, producing a wide range of novel, unexpected plant-like and abstract forms. The resulting artistic figures are then redesigned and applied to the design of textile patterns using image processing software Photoshop. This study not only enhances the algorithm and graphics of Lsystems, but it also provides a new viewpoint to the production of textile patterns.

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