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Developing resilience by practicing Anulom Vilom pranayama

Be it rare disease or chronic disease, you be the patient, a close family member or care-giver; uncertainty, worry, indecisiveness, anxiety, stress
is inevitable with other psychological discomforts. In such cases psychological capital helps to somewhat lessen the psychological distress.
The psychological capitals include optimism, efficacy, hope and resilience. The significant role of resilience in the present time has also been
emphasized by WHO. Resilience is having the ability to bounce back from adversity with positivity. Resilience is not a trait; it can be acquired.
This paper deals with few techniques for building resilience. The technique of Anulom Vilom pranayama has been emphasized here as a
tool for resilience training. It is an ideal technique. It is easily adaptive and transformative in nature. It brings engagement. It can be applied
either at individual or group level. It is very easy to practice and needs no trainer, or equipment, hence it is very cost effective. It only requires
practice to bring transformation. It has no negative side-effects. Regular practice (15 minutes + 15 minutes) day and night before going to
sleep.It helps in developing better control, focus and patience. It is also beneficial for cardiovascular health. It enhances the general well-being,
quality of life, and reduces stress and burnout. It can be practiced at any place of choice, be it home, office, or health care center.A pilot study
was conducted on 90 adolescents by the present researcher in reducing stress and enhancing cognitive clarity which has been found to be
successful. In the past many researches has been conducted to validate this technique. Further more studies can be taken using varied samples.

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