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Development and Validation of Zafirlukast by UV Spectroscopy

A simple, new and advantageous spectroscopic analysis by U.V was estimated in bulk formations for the Zafirlukast and method development also performed. Zafirlukast was estimated at 240 nm in 25% acetonitrile. Limits for range of linearity (2 µg/ml-1 to 10 µg/ml-1) (r2=0.078 x+0.046; r2=0.999), molar absorptivity noticed to be (5.7 × 105 mol-1cm-1) in 25% ACN. According to ICH guidelines and USP this method was validated and tested for different validation parameters. Range for quantitation limits was noticed as (0.0740 µg/ml-1) and 0.0244 µg/ml in 25% ACN, respectively. By demonstating the results method was found to be precise, reproducible (related standard deviation 2%) and accurate.

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