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Development of Hybrid Unsupervised Classification Techniques for Accuracy Enhancement of Land Use/Land Cover Mapping Using Geo-spatial Technology: Hoshangabad, District Madhya Pradesh, India

A Hybrid approach of Land-use/land-cover (LU/LC) classification has been carried out in the study using Resource Sat-2 LISS-III Satellite data having a resolution of 23.5 m. With the help of ERDAS Imagine image processing software, unsupervised classification process of the satellite image has been made to obtain the required land use/land cover classes. During the classification study, a common mixed class assigned as Common Observed Classes (COC) used for the separation of the required classes to obtain undefined mixed land use/land cover classes with the help of ArcGIS model plate tool. Furthermore, more accuracy gained in
the classification of separated mixed land cover classes by revising unsupervised classification processes. After that pre-defined unsupervised land cover classes and COC unsupervised classes were merged by using ArcGIS model plate tool to generate a new classified image with enhanced accuracy. Finally, the comparison between both supervised and COC hybrid unsupervised classes was made and better results are seen in hybrid unsupervised classification. Therefore, application of this new approach in land use/land cover studies, ground cover mapping, forest management, water resources management, sustainable urban development, agricultural studies, natural resources management and manmade resources development management planning change deduction etc. will provide better results as compared to other classification approaches techniques. 

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