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Citations Report - Geoinformatics & Geostatistics: An Overview [5 Articles]

The articles published in Geoinformatics & Geostatistics: An Overview have been cited 5 times by eminent researchers all around the world. Following is the list of articles that have cited the articles published in Geoinformatics & Geostatistics: An Overview.


Akande WG , Oyawale AA , Adesiyan TA (2014) Provenance Studies of Lateritic Soils in Sabo Area, Ile-Ife, Southwestern Nigeria. Geochemistry journal 1.

Javari M (2016) Spatial-temporal Variability of Seasonal Precipitation in Iran. The Open Atmospheric Science Journal 10: 85.

Javari M (2017) Spatial variability of rainfall trends in Iran. Arabian Journal of Geosciences 10:78.

Javari M (2016) Trend and Homogeneity Analysis of Precipitation in Iran. Climate 4: 44.

Tim Wheeler, Joachim von Braun (2013) Climate Change Impacts on Global Food Security Science 6145: 508-513.

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