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Diabetic Retinopathy as a Neurovascular Complication with its Pre-clinical and Clinical PRVEPs Test Findings

Currently, diabetic retinopathy (DR) has a wide recognition as a neurovascular rather than a micro-vascular diabetic complication with an increasing need for enhanced detection approaches and preventive therapies to avoid irreversible neural damage. Pattern-reversal visual evoked potentials (PRVEPs) test as an objective electrophysiological measure of the optic nerve (ON) and retinal function can be of great value in early detection of pre-clinical DR neural changes. 

Objective: The present study was designated to roll out any early PRVEPs alterations in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients without a clinically detected DR, and in patients with a clinically detected early non proliferative DR (NPDR). Also, to evaluate the type of these alterations that can be found.

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