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Diode Laser Treatment in Dental Cases

Diode optical device with wavelengths starting from 810 nm to 980
nm in a very continuous or periodical mode was used as an attainable
instrument for soft tissue surgery within the oral fissure.
Diode optical device is one among optical device systems during
which photons are created by current with wavelengths of 810 nm,
940 nm and 980 nm. The applying of diode optical device in soft
tissue oral surgery has been evaluated from a security purpose of read,
for facial pigmentation and tube-shaped structure lesions and in oral
surgery excision; as an example frenectomy, epulis fissuratum and
nonmalignant tumor. The benefits of optical device application are that
it provides comparatively bloodless surgical and post-surgical courses
with nominal swelling and scarring. We tend to used diode optical
device for excisional diagnostic assay of pathology tumor and animal
tissue pigmentation.

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