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Educational Burnout among Medical Students: A Literature Review

The promotion of mental health in the university environment has been one of the most important dimensions of the development and improvement of human resources and in recent decades, has attracted the attention of educational organizations to physically and intellectually healthy forces in educational institutions. Academic burnout is a condition of mental and emotional exhaustion that results from chronic stress syndrome, such as homework overload, pressure, time limitation, and lack of the required resources for fulfilling the assigned tasks. In addition to its negative effects during the studies, academic burnout has long-term effects. The students suffering from academic burnout during their studies have less command over their job responsibilities in the future. Academic burnout is one of the issues affecting the education system at all levels of education, leading to waste of work force and the costs spent. Therefore, studying academic burnout among medical students is essential. This literature review conducted in studies from Iran from 2001 to 2015. Key words for studies search were education burnout, medical students, Iran in English and Persian language. Databases included in this study were PubMed, Scopus, Google scholar, Iranmedex, SID and Magiran. The results of study showed a different range of educational burnout from 11% to 45 % which required

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