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Effect of Herbal Matching and its Exposure During Consulting Clarity - In Vitro Test

Tooth bleaching is one of the most widely used cosmetic
procedures. Thus, researches are being conducted to evaluate
the effect of some products with dyes during bleaching. To
evaluate whether the mate discolored and exposure of natural
tooth during bleaching with hydrogen peroxide 35% interferes
with the final result of the treatment. Made 32 bovine tooth
blocks, divided into groups, GHG (darkened group and
immersed in yerba mate during bleaching), GE (darkened and
lightened Group), GC (bleached Group) GCE (bleached group
and immersed in yerba mate during bleaching). The initial color
was analyzed by CIELab method. Then two experimental
groups underwent browning being immersed in yerba mate
infusion for 15 days, changing the solution daily.
After pigmentation, they underwent new color analysis with
spectrophotometer. The groups were bleached in office
bleaching technique in two 50 minute sessions with 7 days
interval, two groups simulating mate consumption daily by 30
minute. While the two others groups have been subjected to
bleaching procedure. After treatment, the specimens were
subjected to color analysis. The color measurements were
analyzed with statistical test under analysis variance ANOVA
and Tukey test. Δ E was difference between the GE and GCE
groups (P=0.016); Δ L showed no statistical differences
(P=0.152) showed Δ a GHG different from the others
(P=0.005), Δ b GCE showed differences with other groups
(P<0.001). This research has shown that yerba mate does not
negatively influence the bleaching treatment.

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