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Effective Solution for Public Vehicle to Give Ticket Utilizing an Android Application

Public vehicle is the least expensive and has in this way, forever been well known with the majority. The progression in transport framework has been expanding in everyday life. The vehicle assumes an indispensable part in people life, in making it productive we are presenting an android application. The android application has the transport ticket framework utilizing QR peruser. The android versatile has an incredible part in human existence, it assists individuals with being stay associated with web. In this undertaking, we are proposing QR peruser for transport tagging framework. The QR code (Quick Response code) becomes well known external the car business because of its quick comprehensibility and more prominent stockpiling limit contrasted with standard UPC standardized identifications. The proposed framework gives web application just as android application for the travelers to purchase their tickets on the web. During the movement time, we can get the ticket by entering their area subtleties and make installment. Message ready will be told to the traveler. By this application, we can limit the use of paper (Tickets) and there won't be any issue in getting change.

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