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Effectively Using Multispectral Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques for Precision Radioactive Mineral Exploration in Um Ara – Um Shilman Area, South Eastern Desert of Egypt

Um Ara-Um Shilman younger granites are one of the most promising uranium and thorium mineralization in the south Eastern Desert of Egypt. These granites are classified into monzogranite and alkalifeldspar granite. The using of remote sensing image processing techniques and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), considered an effective, powerful tool in the field of lithologic mapping and mineral exploration lately. Landsat 8 Operational Land Imager OLI showed a great capability in geologic exploration, especially for the remote and high terrain areas, reducing time and efforts at Um Ara – Um Shilman area. The results showed a distinctive differentiation between the different lithologies rocks unites especially fine to medium-grained alkali feldspar fertile granite and coarse-grained monzogranite. The northern location has gained more attention regarding its radioactive anomaly recorded in the medium to fine grained granitic variety that range in composition from alibied to the k-feldspar-rich granite. Radioelements measurements (equivalent uranium (eU) ppm, equivalent thorium (eTh) ppm, potassium percent (K%) and total count (Tc)) have been acquired from sixteen trenches covered the northern locality of the study area. These trenches can be classified into two groups; the first one is high in uranium and the second is high in thorium, and the uranium migrated from the eastern part to the western part of the study area. GIS methods are successful and has a great advantage to apply in a ground radioelements measurement for a local investigation area. The results of the study indicated a significant value for further future radioactive exploration in the area

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