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Effectiveness of emotional freedom technique in transforming interview stress during campus hiring among Indian management students

The EFT session has significantly impacting the stress level of the student and helping them to calm down and enhancing their ability to cope up with the placement activity and further enabling them to perform effectively during campus Hiring. The intent to conduct the study is to ascertain the effect of EFT on placement success, to maintain relaxed and clam state, to be confident and alert while performing during interviews. Main objectives of the study was the comparison of factors of EFT for pre and post experiment and to find the impact of the intervening factor & to develop an empirical model to test the impact of EFT sessions on the students' stress level as well as the placement.


Since the researcher had an access to the students who are attending the EFT sessions, Maximum number of respondents were considered for the sample. The data was scanned using the Amos software and confirmatory-factor-analysis was used to prove inferences. Two-step analysis was undertaken in the study wherein first the initial model the confirmatory factor analysis was performed for both the pre-EFT session and post- EFT session. In the second step the total model was developed using structure equation modeling using EFT as an intervening variable. The data was collected from a total of 2100 respondents who attended the EFT sessions in various B-schools in NCR, out of which 2002 responses were considered for data analysis. The data was analyzed with the help of Amos software and to prove the interferences confirmatory factor analysis was performed. It was seen that there is significant difference (p<0.05) between the Pre-EFT and Post- EFT with EFT session as an intervention. Further the results also show that there has been a significant change in the behavior after an EFT session.

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