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Effectiveness of the Complete Physical Rehabilitation Including Choreographic Elements for Children Under 4-6 years who have Come Through the Facture of Talocrural Joint

Traumatic injures of talocrural joint can often occur in the children age. They enable to cause long fixation of a joint in a definite position that in turn. Weakens always muscles requires a necessity for rehabilitation. The authors have worked out a method of physical rehabilitation for children after fracture of talocrural joint. This method can be applied under conditions of outpatient’s polyclinic. The given method must be realized in three stages namely: preparation (2 weeks), basic (4 weeks) and closing (2 weeks). The given method consists of invigorating and relaxing exercises plus special ones with choreographic elements directed to developing muscles of food and joint. Appreciating the results of apprising the worked out methodic of physical rehabilitation showed that its effectiveness has exceeded all the results of traditional scheme of rehabilitation after f traumata of talocrural joint. The author’s methodic of physical rehabilitation with applying the choreographic elements enables us (1) to accelerate and enhance the effectiveness of recovering the function of damaged talocrural joint with children, (2) to prevent muscular atrophy from children and (3) to enhance the suppot ability on the extremity (having been damaged before). Effectiveness of the worked out methodic enables the authors (1) to pay attention of a wide circle of professional rehabilitators and (2) to recommend it for application by special experts in their work.

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