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Efficiency of a Variant of Physical Rehabilitation with Fitness Elements for Diabetes Mellitus Type I and Abdominal Obesity

Patients with type I diabetes mellitus and abdominal obesity have recently been encountered more often. Only drug treatment of this category of patients rarely gives a significant positive effect. In this regard, modern medicine is increasingly turning to non-pharmacological methods of physical rehabilitation of these patients. Active physical activity plays an important role in maintaining normal body weight and blood sugar levels. The therapeutic effect of physical exercises in abdominal obesity in patients with diabetes mellitus is mainly due to the mechanism of trophic action. Active muscular activity improves metabolic processes in tissues and stimulates regeneration processes. Due to this, physical exercises exert a general toning effect on this contingent of patients and normalize the processes of nervous and endocrine regulation in them, promote the restoration of normal motor-visceral reflexes. As a result of the study, it was revealed that in the experimental group receiving physical loads according to the author's scheme, by the end of the observation, a more pronounced positive dynamics of the level of arterial pressure, pulse rate was achieved. This was accompanied by more pronounced positive changes in psychological indicators in the experimental group. As a result of physical rehabilitation, the blood glucose level in both groups of patients decreased. At the same time, he completely normalized only in the experimental group, excluding the progression of complications of hyperglycemia in her. Only in the experimental group was achieved the normalization of the body mass index, which indicated the elimination of the persons who made up abdominal obesity and the normalization of lipid metabolism against the background of optimization of carbohydrate metabolism.

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