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Electrohydrodynamic Atomization (EHDA) technologies in pharmaceutical development, recent advances

Experimental pharmaceutical dosage form development and preparation technologies have diversified over the last few decades. In addition, the Pharma industry now has a warm willingness to consider unconventional methods and processes for advanced and miniaturized drug dosage form development. There are several drivers for this ranging from the need to improve existing properties of current systems or to develop more complex miniaturized dosage forms by using challenging API’s; which are not possible with wellestablished pharmaceutical technologies; once such concept which is currently evolving as a hot prospect in the manufacturing of novel pharmaceutical dosage forms is Electrohydrodynamic Atomization (EHDA). This concept has been used to prepare particles, bubbles, fibers, hollow nano-capsules as well as printed 2D and 3D structures. There are several other crucial aspects of this technology which make it appealing to the pharmaceutical industries (e.g. stability, formulation and facile encapsulating ability). This talk will be broken down into three main components. Firstly, explaining how base EHDA concepts are ailored (from ideas) into various emerging drug dosage forms. Secondly, examples of how recent EHDA developments are being used to propose routes to address timely global healthcare challenges (through novel pharmaceutical dosage form concept development and delivery). Finally, some examples of how initiatives between industry and academia are being advanced to maximize or mature EHDA technologies that bring them to fruition and closer to reality (e.g., the EPSRC-EHDA network in the UK). The talk will cover key innovation aspects which will be beneficial to industrial and academic attendees.

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